Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Back in the game

Last week Z and I
went down to LA
for the Galaxy vs. Chivas USA match.

This was kind of a big deal,
first because we love the MLS,
and second because these two teams
share a 'home' stadium, pretty much
making them arch-enemies.

We opted to sit in one of the Galaxy's
supporter sections, but no worries,
I remain forever
Fire Til I Die!

Yep, there's that beautiful Chicago Fire flag.

A kind of creepy inflatable Chivas guy.

Landon Donovan & Becks

It's not Section 8,
but you can't match the
palpable excitement &
absolute sense of community
found in a supporter section.

Happy Z, content Z

Tifo fun

Z waving that blue Galaxy flag...

& his reaction when I called him out
for (being a traitor) cheering on another team.


Oh, I don't really blame Z.
He gets really excited sometimes,
especially where Landon Donovan is concerned,
so I know he just couldn't help himself.

me? I had an awesome time, too,
reveling in all the excitement,
but I couldn't bring myself to
specifically cheer for either team.

Familiarity's part of the beauty of the MLS.
Supporter sections use chants & songs
during each match,
but many of the tunes and rhythms
are similar, with words adapted
for each team.

So I just sang along using the Fire lyrics instead.

After the match
we drove just down the street
to Ikea
where we picked up
a few things
to make our house
a little more like home.

All in all,
a beautiful day.


Pink Street Paradise said...

Thats my girl...it doesnt matter if its futbol or football we stay true to our teams. Way to go sis! Dont be like like ur bandwagon husband! Hahahahahaha!

Mike and Beth said...

Glad you had such great fun! Love You. M&D