Friday, August 21, 2009

Until we meet again...

OK, so we are back in Chicago,
neck deep in job hunts, etc.

But this post is dedicated to our dear friends,
Matt & Chris.

These awesome beings were lifesavers helping us move in
& up into our 3rd floor apartment.

They finished their Westward road trip to their
Seattle internship for the year, but before we parted ways
yet again, we were treated to a day with them in the
suburbs, specifically the Village of Arlington Heights.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Last minute wonderful day (before the big goodbye)

Mama and Daddy
were our last-minute personal chair shoppers.

Since they are closer to furniture outlets,
and we were lacking in the chair dept,
they sent us photos of chairs
and then brought us the one we picked out this weekend.
(It is still wrapped in plastic and will be unveiled in Chicago)

This morning we woke up EARLY
for the West Hills 5k.
Z ran.
And won 1st place in the 25-29 age group!

Then we trekked over to Market Square
to a book sale at the Farmer's Market.

Mama and I both got amazing deals on some
primo children's and YA lit!

And then we went to my beloved Tomato Head
for the last time on internship...I could eat there everyday...sigh.

Now we are back to packing and the reality of moving in 3 days.
I'm already tired of goodbyes.