Monday, January 14, 2013

NC Holidays (Friends!)

While in NC we spent a good bit of time
running around to see folks, so it was
a treat that several friends
came to see us...
we got to visit with these awesome people, 
and didn't have to get back in the car!

We tried hard to fit in a few more visits, 
but unfortunately we didn't have quite enough time
to see everyone. 

To anyone we missed, we hope to see you next time, and come visit us in CO!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Christmas festivities! (NC holidays)

For Christmas, we couldn't decide 
if our niece was a better stocking stuffer...

Or present (she's pretty cute either way).

She figured out the unwrapping pretty quickly, 
and loved helping everyone with their gifts.

As is normal for us, things got a little wacky...

It was a little too much excitement for Shelby.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

NC Holidays (a birthday party!)

Since we don't get to see our niece & nephews very often
it was great to be in NC for one of our nephew's 4th birthday party.

Birthday candles are pretty exciting.

But apparently our rendition of "Happy Birthday" was lacking.

4 year olds are pretty silly.


A Slinky!

A harmonica!

Play time with Uncle Z

Then time to sample the Spiderman cake 
(complete with multiple rings)


Holiday Road Trip! (Pt. 1)

Z & I both got some time off for the holidays
so we decided to drive to NC from CO
to visit as many family & friends as possible...

I know. I'm not sure what we were thinking, either.

Regardless of the seemingly endless miles in the car, 
getting to see so many special folks
was truly a gift.

We'll start off with family photos, 
including a visit from my great-aunt Quaidie
and a trip to TN for my cousin's wedding.

The wedding venue even included this amazing tiger print
to get Z pumped up for the Clemson bowl game!