Monday, May 25, 2009

In the garden.

I don't have a garden
(although I would like one),
but I cannot remember a time in my life
when my dad
did not have a garden.

Even in Montana where we had a small yard
and a smaller growing season,
Dad had a garden.

Now, back in NC, my dad is cultivating a slightly larger plot.
Here are some recent shots.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Neighbors de nuevo

We are back.

Z and I had the most wonderful trip to Mexico,
and we hated to leave our friends
and generous hosts
Matt and Chris (Mateo y Cristina).

Thanks to my folks for taking us to the airport
so early that it was still dark,
and picking us up upon our return.

In Mexico we were primarily in Guadalajara in the state of Jalisco,
but we also traveled to San Juan de los Lagos and Lagos de Moreno.

Matt and Chris were our upstairs neighbors for the first two years
of seminary, which meant that we hung out on each other's porches
basically every night during the summer.

So it was absolutely divine to reinstate that tradition in Mexico.
We stayed in private apts. all week, and again, they were our upstairs neighbors.
Rather than LSTC's wooden back porches, however, we sat, ate, and visited
for hours on this bright, colorful porch.

Nearly each day of our trip began and ended in this spot,
sometimes with meals shared there in between.

We went out every day to explore something new (at least to Z and me)
but the moments I will cherish most from this trip
are those long porch conversations, catching up with old friends.

Mexico Pictures!!

Hannah & Zach's Excellent Mexican Adventure

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