Friday, April 06, 2007

Blogging or Studying??

Friday is the day of the week where I attempt to study all day. I don't have class or anything else "official" to do. I should be able to get a great deal of work done. However, I think my productivity drops dramatically on Fridays. Perhaps, its the lack of pressure of deadlines or the weekend creeping closer and closer. So, today blogging has taken my attention away from a mid-term on monday.

April has and will be a pretty busy month for us. Today, Good Friday, is especially good for Hannah. It is her last day working downtown. Monday she'll start her new job across the street at the University of Chicago's law library. She is pretty excited to lose the commute and stay here in Hyde Park.

On Wednesday, some friends and I headed over to US Cellular Field to take in a White Sox game. It was my first baseball game in the snow. As we left the stadium, it was 24 degrees. The Sox lost in the bottom of the 9th when Joe Crede's shot fell just short of being a home run.

At the end of this week my mom, mamaw, brother, and cousin, Anna, are coming up here. Hannah and I are excited and are hoping to get ahead of the game so we can have as much free time as possible for some pizza and all other kinds of Chicago things.

Studying or blogging?
Back to studying,