Monday, September 26, 2011

I'm on the Internets!

Ok, so obviously I'm on the Internet...
this is a weblog, after all. 

But I just got posted on one of our favorite
websites, and I'm pretty excited about it, 
so check it out!

Around campus

Saturday morning we were at CU for a bit.
Z ran in a 5K that looped wildly through campus.

By wildly I mean that it ended up being more of an 
obstacle course than a regular race.

1. The roads were not closed for the race, 
so the runners had to stay on the sidewalks.

2. There were students/people/golf carts using the sidewalks
who did not know there was a race going on.

3. The course was marked only by chalk arrows, 
some of which had been washed away by the sprinklers.

4. The bicycle that was leading the runners accidentally
took a wrong turn & led them off course.

5. And my personal favorite: It was high school band day 
at CU, so there were marching bands parading
straight at the runners at various places during the race.

As a spectator, all of this was rather amusing, 
but probably not so much for the runners.
Oh well.

Here's a few photos I shot while waiting to see Z running.

And here he is now!

And finally, here's Z heading into the finish, 
catching some serious air.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Happy Fall, Y'all!

Autumn is upon us & 
the landscape is changing accordingly.
We haven't made it up to see the aspens yet, 
but I did snap some photos on a little hike this week.

Check out the rest of the photos here!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Under the weather.

We've been having some drastic temperature
changes here this past week, 
one day it's close to 90 & sunny, 
the next it's rainy with a high in the 50s.

Unfortunately for us, the crazy changes
 mean that we're both feeling a touch under the weather.

So while we're fueling up on orange juice
& hot tea, here are a couple of
pictures of our verdant surroundings.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

College football time!

College football has returned. 
I mostly know this because of a certain person
with whom I reside...and share a last name.

Z lives & breathes college football;
he plays college football trivia games
(anybody need to know the size ranking
 of any college football stadium?), 
constantly reminds me to 'make my picks', 
listens for hours to college football talk radio,
and then, on GAME DAY, we have at least
3 games playing on various TVs & laptops.


Luckily for Z, I enjoy some college football, too, 
especially when it comes to my Tigers.
But since Clemson is pretty far away, 
we decided to take advantage of living in a college town
& experience the local fan scene.

The evening before the first home game
was the Pearl Street Stampede, 
featuring an antique CU fire truck
carrying the 2001 championship team, 
and a parade with the current team
and marching band
that led the way to a pep rally.

On Saturday we rode our bikes to campus
to check out the game day atmosphere.

I have to say that my favorite part of CU football
is Ralphie, the live buffalo mascot!

CU didn't win, it was hot, and we got sunburned,
but I have to admit...
it was really, really fun.
I think I've missed college football, too.

(Just don't tell Z I said that.)

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Oh yes, another hike!

Since moving to CO, 
I have realized that I really love hiking.
So far we haven't done any major hikes, 
but I have been looking up more
trails & convincing Z to explore with me.

On Saturday we did Lost Lake Trail, 
4 miles gaining around 800 ft. so we ended up
right about 10,000 ft elevation.

It was a gorgeous sunny day, 
but thankfully not too hot.

Look! We found the Lost Lake!

I heart nature.