Monday, September 26, 2011

Around campus

Saturday morning we were at CU for a bit.
Z ran in a 5K that looped wildly through campus.

By wildly I mean that it ended up being more of an 
obstacle course than a regular race.

1. The roads were not closed for the race, 
so the runners had to stay on the sidewalks.

2. There were students/people/golf carts using the sidewalks
who did not know there was a race going on.

3. The course was marked only by chalk arrows, 
some of which had been washed away by the sprinklers.

4. The bicycle that was leading the runners accidentally
took a wrong turn & led them off course.

5. And my personal favorite: It was high school band day 
at CU, so there were marching bands parading
straight at the runners at various places during the race.

As a spectator, all of this was rather amusing, 
but probably not so much for the runners.
Oh well.

Here's a few photos I shot while waiting to see Z running.

And here he is now!

And finally, here's Z heading into the finish, 
catching some serious air.


Mike and Beth said...


Andrew and Kerri Luksa said...

so that is how he goes so fast... he doesn't let the ground interfere with his running!