Monday, October 15, 2012

Long Beach Half Marathon

Z ran the Long Beach Half Marathon
on October 7.

We had to get up super early to leave our
friends' house in LA & make the trek
down to Long Beach to find some parking...
in addition to the half, there was also the full marathon, 
a bike "tour", a 5K, a handcycle race, and a walk, 
so there were over 25,000 people participating, 
plus the spectators.

Here's Z before the sun even came up.

This guy did the bike tour on a unicycle!

Around mile 2

Mile 6

My view at the finish.
Unfortunately they kept all spectators
well away from the finish gate,
so I had a hard time capturing the end
of Z's race.

It's ok, though, because he took 9th place.
Not too bad in a race of over 11,000 people!

California Getaway

Last weekend Z & I took off
to LA & Long Beach.
Z ran a race on Sunday, 
but we got to spend a few days
with good friends 
Matt & Chris, 
rolling through the streets of LA, 
eating delicious food
and hitting the beach.