Tuesday, December 11, 2012

On top of it all

When hiking around the other day
I spotted a couple of guys
on the very top of a rock formation. 

Without any harnesses, I feel like I would
be a little anxious way up there, 
but the idea still seems so
freeing and attractive, too.

Where's your "top of the world" spot?

Monday, December 03, 2012

Hope Suspended

All those pretty painted baubles from the last post
came together to make an Advent mobile
to hang in the worship space
Z uses with his students.

The idea is that each orb represents the hopes
 of the student who made it.
When hung up above the font, 
their hopes are suspended during Advent, 
waiting and watching for Christmas.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Advent prep

Z recently asked me to lead
a crafting session 
with his students
to create a piece of art that
will hang in their worship space
during Advent.

Here's a sneak peak at what we did:

This is a really simple project
that yields really great results!

All you need are clear glass ornaments
(mine were a bit iridescent, too)
and some acrylic paint.

Take the cap off the ornament and drip in 
several drops of the colors you want to use. 
You can either let it drip down the insides slowly, 
or put the cap back on and swirl it or shake it. 
Make sure to remove the cap when you are finished
and let dry upside down in a disposable cup or newspaper.

You can also use glitter or stuff in bit of tissue paper!

These are fun, easy, and look awesome.

Pics of the finished project to come!

Monday, November 12, 2012


We've already had snow twice here,
just enough to stick for a couple of days
before melting away.

I loved how the snow accumulated on the
leaves instead of the ground, 
making it look like cotton balls strewn about.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Long Beach Half Marathon

Z ran the Long Beach Half Marathon
on October 7.

We had to get up super early to leave our
friends' house in LA & make the trek
down to Long Beach to find some parking...
in addition to the half, there was also the full marathon, 
a bike "tour", a 5K, a handcycle race, and a walk, 
so there were over 25,000 people participating, 
plus the spectators.

Here's Z before the sun even came up.

This guy did the bike tour on a unicycle!

Around mile 2

Mile 6

My view at the finish.
Unfortunately they kept all spectators
well away from the finish gate,
so I had a hard time capturing the end
of Z's race.

It's ok, though, because he took 9th place.
Not too bad in a race of over 11,000 people!

California Getaway

Last weekend Z & I took off
to LA & Long Beach.
Z ran a race on Sunday, 
but we got to spend a few days
with good friends 
Matt & Chris, 
rolling through the streets of LA, 
eating delicious food
and hitting the beach.

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Mitchell Lake Trail

Yesterday I answered my mountain craving.
Even though we live right at the base of the mountains, 
we don't make the drive up into the hills nearly often enough.

We were treated 
to the very beginnings
of the golden Aspens' seasonal change
as we made our way up to 
Brainard Lake Recreation Area
& the Indian Peak Wilderness.

It was sunny when we started the hike
up to Mitchell Lake, 
but as we ascended, 
the fog met us.

The fog became so dense that we
nearly walked right past the lake
without even noticing it.

It was so beautifully eerie
to be completely enveloped
so that even the horizon is erased,
and to feel like we were the only ones for miles.

The promise of rain 
& the cold seeping into our bones
pushed us back down the path, 
and back down the mountain, 
out of the rain, 
and into our cozy home
to wrap our hands around steaming mugs.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

USA Pro Cycling Challenge

Boulder recently hosted a leg of the

What that meant was a ton of road closures, 
and lots of people gathered in 
various spots throughout Boulder
to watch the cyclists quickly zip by.

We watched them in two spots.
First we waited downtown.

Then we headed up the hill to see them a second time.
Lots of supporters dressed in crazy costumes or
had flags and ran alongside the cyclists 
for short segments.

One of the most interesting things to me was the
entourage for each cyclists. There was a huge 
parade of cars behind the cyclists
carrying all their gear & extra bikes.

Of course, bringing up the rear was the 
broom wagon, 
doing the final sweep.