Sunday, August 28, 2011

Settling in...

Moving to a new place, 
Z starting a new job, 
more job hunting for me...

all of these things can be overwhelming & stressful, 
so it's a good thing we moved to a place
that's so darn pretty.

Here's a rainbow seen from our deck last week.

And a good friend from high school
that lives just an hour from here!

And scenes from a Saturday afternoon hike...

This is my favorite. The deer was getting really
annoyed with the birds landing on it.

Click on over to Flickr to see these photos bigger
& check out lots of others!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Oh what a beautiful morning..

For our 2nd Saturday here in CO, 
Z & I decided to explore a bit.
We woke up early & made our way to 
a trail head to catch the sun hitting
the mountains as it rose.

Z, of course, was there to run, 
but I brought my hiking boots &
camera and ventured along a different path.

What I found was mountains, plains, 
floating hot air balloons, deer, flora,
rainbows, cyclists, runners, 
and a train coming 'round the mountain.

After our morning exercise, we were both ready to eat.
We indulged a bit by having a large breakfast

Then we realized that the Saturday morning
farmer's market was going on just down the road, 
so we meandered through the tents
drooling over all the produce.
We picked up some tomatoes, mushrooms & cantaloupe, 
but I couldn't resist snapping
this stunning display of jewel-toned beets!

Oh what a beautiful day.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

We are here!

Quick update:
We made it to CO
& are settling into the new place.

I don't have photos from the trip
1. Z drove the whole 1st day, 
which means that we didn't stop much.
 2. Z ate something bad & got really sick,
meaning I drove the whole 2nd day.

Thus, no pics.

So instead, here's some photos of Z watering
the lawn in Cali for the last time, 
and some new friends we made along the path 
near our new place.