Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Vols Game...

Or at least half of it. This past weekend we experienced our first UT game. The weather was gorgeous-warm, but with a breeze. We spent two or so hours before the game selling "Power Towels" with folks from the Tyson House campus ministry; all the proceeds went to a local food pantry...we raised a ton of money and had fun meandering through all the tailgaters.

We finally made our way to the stadium and found our seats. We enjoyed watching all the opening stuff...the band, mascots, etc., and then kick-off...Wow it was loud! Unfortunately, especially for UT fans, things went downhill from there. The game was a bust, and for me games just aren't exciting when one team is dominating. Poor UT. To add to the disappointment on the field, Zach and I ended up surrounded by a group of people who were acting in ways of which I know their mothers wouldn't approve.

So, around halftime we decided to head back home. Here's to better luck at the next game!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Yesterday was a great day. We were in Clemson and saw our Tigers win against NC State. This was the first win we've seen in person since we graduated...we lost all the other games when we've gone back, so I guess we finally broke the curse! We went down Friday night after work and got to hang out with some friends. Saturday we tailgated at the church with a lot of folks, some we knew and some we didn't, but it was awesome to be back in that community that was so formative for us. After the game we drove back to Knoxville, picked up Mr. Wilson from his doggie hotel, and it was showers and bed almost as soon as we got home. We are both still tired and sunburned, but content, and grateful for our opportunities to be a part of so many communities that we love.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Rainy days

It's been raining, on and off, for the past day or so, and they say we'll probably be seeing scattered showers and storms for the next week or so. I know that for some people, rain means destruction, for others, new life. For me, I love a good thunderstorm and a break from the heat. Somehow storms make me feel better, like I'm able to release some of my stress into them and watch it rush down the windows in rivulets. Now, if the storm knocks out power or fries my computer so that I can't do my work...But for now, I am glad for the rain and the clouds.

I have been pretty overwhelmed with school and work lately (or since I started them). I am, however, working to manage my time more effectively so that I can get my work done and still have some time for other things that make me happy. Already I'm feeling much more efficient and less stressed. Yesterday, for example, I tied on my apron and made a really great pasta dish with portobello mushroom caps, edamame "pesto", whole edamame, the baby eggplants (from previous post), fresh tomato slices, parsley, thyme, and topped off with grated parmesan, and served with an organic red leaf salad on the side....so good.

And as a surprise for me a few days ago, Zach brought home these lovely orange and white flowers (for Clemson, of course). That man makes me happy!

I hope that this week brings you all happiness, in whatever form it may take.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Fresh is the best...

...at least when it comes to yummy fruits and veggies! JujyFruits, on the other hand, are much better stale (am I right, Daddy?) Anyway, I was pretty excited to peruse the bounty at our local farmer's market the other day and pick out some ultra-fresh, locally grown produce. Unfortunately, I didn't get there right when it started, so I missed out on some stuff I was looking for, but I supplemented with a trip to Earth Fare, which I just found out is relatively close to the house! Double yay! These beauties will be going into a few different healthy recipes I'll be trying this week. I'm particularly interested to see how the tiny eggplants work. (Yep, those cute striped ones are an eggplant variety!) In Chicago I always had fresh produce, thanks to Hyde Park Produce, which is in the top 3 things that I miss the most about Chicago. It was ridiculously easy and inexpensive to walk a few blocks to HPP and pick up the week's produce. The farmer's market here is in Market Square, which is one of our favorite parts of Knoxville (it's in an area being revitalized), but it's on the other side of Knoxville from us. I think it's worth it, though, to get fresher, healthier, and more inexpensive food...and we get to support local growers! Can't wait to go back!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

This Labor Day weekend was a really great one for us. Our good friend Stuart came up from Atlanta to see us and have a couple of adventures. Aside from the game (and seriously, let's just not say anymore about that), we couldn't have asked for a better time.

We grilled out on the new grill. (we have a fabulous back porch) We also took a trip to the Sunsphere, one of the main attractions at the World's Fair Park.

The Sunsphere offers a great view of Knoxville, and the park is beautiful, with lots of fountains and grass. Also, with gas prices the way they are lately, Zach and I thought it might be time to downsize the car...so Zach's taking this one for a test drive...

In addition to the park and "car shopping", we tried out some good restaurants in Market Square, experienced Boomsday with a huge fireworks display on the river, went to church and heard Zach's first sermon here (he did a great job, of course).

Stuart, thanks for visiting us...we loved having you here! And please, the rest of you should plan a trip, too (just maybe not all at once...)