Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Vols Game...

Or at least half of it. This past weekend we experienced our first UT game. The weather was gorgeous-warm, but with a breeze. We spent two or so hours before the game selling "Power Towels" with folks from the Tyson House campus ministry; all the proceeds went to a local food pantry...we raised a ton of money and had fun meandering through all the tailgaters.

We finally made our way to the stadium and found our seats. We enjoyed watching all the opening stuff...the band, mascots, etc., and then kick-off...Wow it was loud! Unfortunately, especially for UT fans, things went downhill from there. The game was a bust, and for me games just aren't exciting when one team is dominating. Poor UT. To add to the disappointment on the field, Zach and I ended up surrounded by a group of people who were acting in ways of which I know their mothers wouldn't approve.

So, around halftime we decided to head back home. Here's to better luck at the next game!

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Mike and Beth said...

Orange everywhere! Will that always be a requirement for where you live? Lots of church....and orange? You two are beautiful!