Monday, October 06, 2008

Wild weekend

We were really sorry that my brother Josh is sick and he and Arden couldn't come to Knoxville, but we still had a full weekend. The weather has been BEAUTIFUL so we just had to get outside!

We started Friday evening with a good run at one of our local parks. Then we got up on Saturday morning and drove over to the Great Smoky Mountains for a HARD, but FUN hike up to Chimney Tops. The trail was gorgeous and steep, and we had to scale rocks to make it to the top, but we did it, and the view was AWESOME! We rested at the top for a while, then headed back down, grabbed some lunch on the way back to Knoxville, then came home to get changed.

We were happy and tired upon returning home from the hike, but our friend Michelle, Zach's supervisor at the Tyson House, prayed at the UT game that night. So we put on some orange and headed over to campus to support her and the Vols. We had a lot of fun, but the game was slow and we were tired, so we left with the game still tied (the Vols ended up winning, though).

Finally, Sunday held church in the morning, a library school picnic in the afternoon, and a pet blessing at the Tyson House. Mr. Wilson was so excited to take a car ride and even happier that he found Zach when we got to campus! He was a really good boy, but he did try to run up the aisle every time he saw Zach up front. A wonderful, wild weekend indeed.


Mike and Beth said...

Happy,happy, joy,joy! Do you think us old folks could make it up that mountain? We sure would like to try! Love you - you are beautiful!

Matt Keadle said...

I am totally jealous of both the Smoky Mountains and the UT game. That's like, the best Saturday itinerary ever....