Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pumpkin fame!!

So Messiah Lutheran sells pumpkins every year to raise money for various area ministries. I believe I already talked about unloading the huge truckload of pumpkins, but we had not yet experienced volunteering to sell the pumpkins. We had signed up for the first shift that we actually had available, which happened to be this past Monday, from 4-dusk. And guess what folks? Monday at 4 is exactly when WBIR Channel 10 decided to come to the church and do a live piece on the pumpkin patch. Since Pastor Eric is on vacation, Vicar Zach was designated at the interviewee! We've heard from lots of people that said he did an awesome job, but unfortunately we weren't able to see the clip since it was done live and then replayed again before our pumpkin-selling shift was over. But I'm still pretty excited to be married to the most famous vicar in Knoxville! I'm kind of a big deal now.

Another fun part of Monday was getting to pick out some pumpkins of our own. I forgot to bring much money, but I had enough to buy 2 minis and one funny gourd. I am pretty excited about them and I had creating a little Halloween arrangement on the's the pics!

They make me happy.


Matt Keadle said...

That IS a funny gourd...and are those artichokes on your mantle? Do you live in a house made of vegetables now? Because that would be delicious...

Mike and Beth said...

You STILL make me happy!