Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A short weekend trip

Last Friday Zach and I got to go on a lovely date downtown. We gussied ourselves up and went to Market Square restaurant Koi Fusion for some Asian fare. After dinner we strolled over to the Tennessee Theater to enjoy the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra. We had awesome seats (some church members let us use their season tickets), and the concert was wonderful...all Tchaikovsky.
On Saturday morning I got up early and headed to NC for a quick visit. I got to see lots of special ladies on my mama's side for a luncheon, and I also got in a fantastic visit with my Gammy and Pop-Pop. Plus it was nice having some time with just my mama and daddy by myself. Unfortunately I couldn't stay long, but I was really happy to be there.

Love ya'll!

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Matt Keadle said...

I have a pictuere from Bloomington that looks just like one of those, except replace the "Tennessee" marquee with "Indiana"...anyway, your pictures make me want to visit Knoxville... again... preferably without the manual labor part...