Friday, October 10, 2008

Fall Break

Thursday and today are my UT FALL BREAK, which in undergrad was awesome, but in grad school it means that I only missed one class. So while still good, it doesn't elicit the same enthusiasm it used to. Even so, we did make it over to Winston-Salem yesterday for the Clemson vs. Wake Forest football game (if you could call it that). Clemson lost, but worse than that was that both teams were LACKLUSTER at best...not too entertaining. We still had fun tailgating with James Li and some folks from Clemson LSM, and we got to see our good friend Caroline, and a friend from CFLC, Joe. Plus we stayed at Mama and Daddy's house and got to see them for a short while, and had a little visit with Susie at her school. Seeing all those FOLKS definitely helped make up for the game.

We're back in Knoxville again tonight; back to work work and school work and whatever else comes our way. Here's a couple of fun pictures of potatoes from Daddy's garden.

A little mouse with a tomato.

Big 'ol sweet potato.


Mike and Beth said...

Loved our middle of the night wee visit - love you both. Seems like you and Caroline were just twelve...

From Michigan with Love said...

Did I meet Caroline (is that the girl in the pic) Cause she seems so familier!? (didn't know I was paying attention to your site huh!? hahahaahahahhahhaahah) (I wasn't) :-) Miss you both!