Friday, October 17, 2008

Quick recap

So there are no new pics for this week, but I thought I'd post a little update anyway. Zach was out of town from Monday-Thursday. He first traveled to Southern Seminary in Columbia, SC and then up to Lutheridge for various intern/leader/pastoral conferences. He had a good time and especially enjoyed seeing folks like Rachel (an LSTC friend) and old college friends like Stacey (my room mate of 3 years), and he made some new connections within the synod. But oh, how Mr. Wilson and I missed him!

While he was away it was work and school as usual for me. Midterms are here and it's crunch time...yikes. I did go over to church on Monday afternoon and help unload about 2500 pumpkins from a huge truck. Messiah Lutheran sells them all month to raise money for various Knoxville ministries. Afterward all the volunteers were treated to a yummy chili dinner, and they even made veggie chili for me (and I also got to take home the leftovers...they take care of us)!

When I returned to our house after class yesterday evening I found Zach and Mr. Wilson reunited on the couch (where they both spend most of their time when we are at home). I was so happy to see him, and even happier when he gave me a present from my favorite chocolate store in Asheville, the Chocolate Fetish. He brought me two rounds, one with real mixed berries in white chocolate and the other mint swirls in dark chocolate....absolutely divine!

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Mike and Beth said...

Glad that you shared a bite of that chocolate with me!