Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!


Last weekend we went to Iowa.
Our sem friends Rich & Amy
invited us for Rich's ordination
(Z assisted).

It was a lot of hours in the car,
but a really great trip overall.

View from our hotel room in Des Moines.

Z loves the World's Largest Truck Stop.

That place was seriously massive.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Chicago Sports

Not only did Z & I go to a
Fire game last weekend,
but we also went again on Wednesday
before they take their
World Cup break.

That same night the
Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup.
Parts of that game were played on the
screen during the Fire game,
and afterward, Chicago was crazy!

Yesterday, Z & Adam commuted with me
in the morning, only they headed over to
Daley Plaza where the World Cup
games are being broadcast.

But since the Blawkhawks won, there was
also a huge crowd (2 million)
in the Loop for a victory ticker tape parade,
so the guys got to see that, too!

Last, but certainly not least
(in this World Cup-crazed household),
Z & friends were up early watching matches,
and I met up with them after work
for the USA v. England match.

We had an awesome time and were happy with the draw!

*Daley Plaza & Parade photos by Z.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Catching up...

We've been really busy
this week, so I'm playing catch up on the blog.

Last weekend we had dinner with friends
& went to a Fire game, but it was rainy, so no photos.
We also took Mr. W over
to the Hyde Park Art Festival
& stopped by a favorite book store.

Monday evening we headed to
Millennium Park
for a free She & Him

There were SO many people,
but we sat next to some
lovely folks who shared their wine.

Two things (of many) I love about the city:
Free festivals/concerts/etc.
Meeting people randomly & finding out
that you have a lot in common.