Tuesday, December 11, 2012

On top of it all

When hiking around the other day
I spotted a couple of guys
on the very top of a rock formation. 

Without any harnesses, I feel like I would
be a little anxious way up there, 
but the idea still seems so
freeing and attractive, too.

Where's your "top of the world" spot?


Nicole Buckingham said...

Oh my goodness these photos take my breath away... I think, perhaps gladly, I'm still searching for mine some really close but not quite the tippity "top of the world".

Following ya now from the GFC hop. We're riding the wave of life together at Local Sugar Hawaii. I'd so love it if you'd join us.


Charlie Wildgoose said...

I love that top shot ~ great photo.

Hannah Q. Parris said...

Thanks, Charlie! And thanks for stopping by!

CoCo Chang said...

X'MAS Special

Diana Mieczan said...

WOW, what a view:) That top photo blows my mind. Beautiful, lovely.