Friday, August 21, 2009

Until we meet again...

OK, so we are back in Chicago,
neck deep in job hunts, etc.

But this post is dedicated to our dear friends,
Matt & Chris.

These awesome beings were lifesavers helping us move in
& up into our 3rd floor apartment.

They finished their Westward road trip to their
Seattle internship for the year, but before we parted ways
yet again, we were treated to a day with them in the
suburbs, specifically the Village of Arlington Heights.


Mike and Beth said...

You all are so funny....:) Happy, happy

Matt Keadle said...

Aw, you guys rock. We've been so busy (and so internet-lacking) we didn't even see this post dedicated to us! Such good times in the Village, the Village...

We miss you and think of you often. We're enjoying Seattle so far, but wish you were here to explore it with us. Come visit - we'll take more pictures! :)