Monday, October 18, 2010

More of the same?

So I realized that
I've been posting a lot
of pictures of flowers
and our backyard.

I suppose this is mostly
because I am at home
almost all the time
so that is what I see when
I have my camera handy.

I am going to try to
take some photos of
other subject matter
and welcome suggestions
requests from all of you.

In the meantime,

Here is a view of our living room
with some flowers Z brought me last week.

A couple of shots from one of our
three rose bushes.

Roses are nice enough to look at
(although certainly not my favorite flower)
but, being in charge of trimming them,
I must say that I have a certain
amount of disdain
for rose bushes
and their rather painful thorns.

And, of course,
our Mr. Wilson,
who, when we let him outside
to 'do his business',
finds a sunny spot and sleeps, instead.

(but notice he is currently cone-free!)

On another note,
at the end of the week
I will be heading back East
to take the comprehensive exam
for my graduate program.

I am excited to see family & friends
(and take some good photos along the way)
but also pretty stressed/anxious about the test.
So please keep me in your thoughts
& send me some good vibes on October 29.

Finally, please leave photo suggestions/requests
in the comments! Do you want to see more of
our house, food, random machinery?
Let me know...I think it will be fun
for me to work with a theme in mind!


Matt Keadle said...

I think all of your photos are great but it would also be cool to see photos that would convey a sense of

(a) what the house is like (hard to take decent photos of a living room, I know) and

(b) what Bakersfield is like, or what your neighborhood in Bakersfield is like

In the meantime I will be forced to conclude that you two live in a perpetual county fair. (Which, admittedly, would be awesome.)

Mike and Beth said...

I agree with of the house (I love the new rug and dividing shelf) and Bakersfield would be neat. I love your photos of flowers and such too, though...I need a photo gallery, because I want to frame them all.