Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall in NC: a preview

Can't do a very long post,
but I need a short break from
studying so I wanted to
share a few photos
from my time in NC so far.

I already have LOTS more
that I can't wait to post,
and I know there will be plenty
of other pictures taken this week.

I also appreciate
your blog
suggestions both on here
and on Facebook.
When I get back to CA
I will work on making them happen.

Until then,
here's a random grouping
from the last few days.

One evening we fired up the chiminea
& sat around visiting.

My parents' yard is evidently
cultivating monster mushrooms.

Just liked the way the sun was hitting this.

Lily cat hiding out in the old chiminea.


Mike and Beth said...

Happy heart. :)

JMay said...

Cute fall pics :-) Your cat is adorable too, jealous (I'm allergic).