Friday, October 01, 2010

200th post: A night at the Kern County Fair

I don't know if you all
know this about me,
but I
a good fair.

I grew up going to
the Cleveland County Fair
but I hadn't been to a fair
in years.

So I was probably a little
over-excited when ads
for the Kern County Fair
(Best in the West!)
started popping up
right after we moved here.

I'll admit,
I had a slight fear
that going to the fair would
be one of those things
that wouldn't taste so sweet
as an adult
as it did in my childhood,
but I shouldn't have worried...

the animals...

the food...

the rides...

(ok so it was a little strange that some of the
rides were actually from MJ's Neverland Ranch)

the games, the lights,
the extraordinary people-watching...

I love it all!


Golda said...

I love going to fairs too! Jeremy and I hit up two here in Maine, one was a dud but the other was pretty good. Fair food is much different here in Maine than in Tennessee - there are less things they are willing to deep fry here (no twinkies, snickers, oreos, cheese, etc.)

Mike and Beth said...

Amazing shots....beautiful you two!

Matt Keadle said...

Way cool.

Christina said...

I feel like I repeat myself in my raves over your photography but these are amazing pics! You have such a great eye for seeing what will look good! Looks like you two are having some fun, too...