Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Lost and Found

Saturday started out sunny,
so we planned to do
yard work
that afternoon.

The day before we had opened the
back door to find a fruit fatality:
one of our orange tree's limbs
had a burden too heavy
and it was barely hanging on.

So we finished the job
and set to work removing all
of the nascent oranges
since they are not allowed in the
yard waste bin.

A waste, indeed.

As we were toiling away,
we heard the distantly
familiar sound of thunder
as our skin remembered
the feel of humidity.

Wonder of wonders,
it began to rain.
Not much, but plenty
to rejuvenate the soul.


Kate said...

I cannot believe how many oranges you had! That is truly a waste. Love your pictures!

Zach and Hannah Parris said...

I know! I was sad to lose them, but we still have a lot on that tree and our other tree, so we will probably have more than we can handle.