Sunday, September 05, 2010

Fire vs. Galaxy

After our crazy road trip
from Chicago to Bakersfield,
we put our belongings
into storage,
took two days to find a place to live,
and then got ready to go
back to NC for a couple of weeks.

Before we left CA
we managed to squeeze in
a little MLS game:

Z showing some Chicago Fire love
at the Home Depot Center.

Posing with his fav Galaxy/US player,
Landon Donovan this a sign for water fountains
or vomiting?

Here we go...

Rowdy fans in one of the Galaxy's
supporter sections.
(makes me miss Section 8)

Fire til we die!

Dad's first MLS match!

My mother cheerleading

Our Fire dominated, which,
although extremely surprising,
was awesome to witness.

Go Fire!


Mike and Beth said...

Happy, happy!

Mike and Beth said...

Fire till I die!