Tuesday, September 14, 2010

In the Carolinas: Part I

Caught up yet?

So we drove 3 days from
Chicago to California,
found a place to live
in under 2 days,
saw some sights in LA
and then came to visit
family & friends in NC/SC.

First off, one of our adorable nephews!

Saw this beauty on our way to Clemson...
any guesses on what he's hauling in there?

We made a pit (haha peach joke) stop
at the "Peachoid" water tower.

We have driven past it so many times,
but finally stopped at the little park
at its base and took some photos!

After Clemson we made a quick run
over the mountains
to Knoxville, but unfortunately
did not get any pics.

A tree grows in a silo near Z's house.

The Grands & Us

G-ma & I loving on my newest cousin.

Aunt Ginny & mama

Z's mama & aunt working hard on
food for Z's ordination...
yummy pickle sandwiches
aka. Carolina Rolls!


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Virginny Lee said...

When we moved back to the Carolina's a few years ago, we had a temp apt in Gaffney. We could see the peach butt from our apt! Love you guys! Hope all is going well!