Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Our first visitors!

Susie & Mamaw came to
town for Z's installation
at church & visited for several days.

We stayed very busy &
had lots of fun...

at least once they recovered
from jet lag.

We spent ALL day Sunday
at church for worship,
the installation,
and the reception,
so the other days we tried to
show them as much as we could.

We went to some parks.

To some antique shops

To see panoramic views of the oil fields
and orchards

And up into the canyon where
the Kern River rushes

Of course they needed to sample local fare
such as In-N-Out burgers

Plus you can't come to Bakersfield
without getting ice milk and candy
from Dewar's!

We loved seeing these wonderful ladies
and can't wait for more visitors!


Christina said...

great pics - sorry i have not been commenting. we still have no internet after extremely long saga... i will try to be better! thinking of you guys often!!

Mike and Beth said...

These pics are wonderful...especially LOVE the mirror one....oh my goodness. :)