Tuesday, September 07, 2010

A day in LA/LB

After dropping off
Mama & Daddy
at the airport in the morning,
we had the day to kill
before our red eye flight
back to NC.

We started at a cute diner for breakfast.

Then I wanted to check out
the La Brea Tar Pits
to reenact the scene from
My Girl 2.

Anyway, they were doing some excavations
at some of the pits.

A sign said they had found some
bones from various animals,
including mastadons, saber-toothed kittens,
and giant ground sloths
the day we were there!

Then we went next door
to the Los Angeles County
Museum of Art
to see some outdoor exhibits.

We drove around to see other sights,
but of course we ended up at
Dodger Stadium.

After cruising around LA
we made our way down
to Long Beach where we mostly
hung out by the water
until it was back to the airport!


Christina said...

great pics, hannah! i am finally catching up on all your photos... we get internet on friday at home, so after that i should be more consistently up to date! :)

Andrew and Kerri Luksa said...

i like that you went to the tar pits, considering i've always imagined you to be my vada sultenfuss friend... does that make me thomas j?