Tuesday, September 14, 2010

In the Carolinas: Part II

Meanwhile, we continued our whirlwind
Carolina adventure with a
Hickory Crawdad's game
with Josh, Arden, & mama.

If you know my brother,
you probably know that he likes
jokes of the practical persuasion.

We should have seen it coming, but...

alas, here we are: Z & I having a dance off
on top of the 1st base dugout.

Thanks, big brother, for signing us up
without our knowledge!

Z reads up on the team
(he did find out that the Hickory Crawdads
& the Bakersfield Blaze are affiliated!)

Josh got hungry.

The night before Z's ordination
we gathered with some
dear friends and family.

Old college roomies, reunited.

I was sort of busy the day of the ordination,
so no photos of that from me,
but it was great & we were glad
so many folks could be there!

Before leaving NC,
I spent a little more time
with my brother.

He was working, so I went to Gastonia
to a park that the YMCA uses for camps, etc.

The park was originally a Greek settlement of sorts,
and has a really interesting history,
including this chapel that is still used.

Greek influences are everywhere,
but since the YMCA has been using the space,
Josh has been clearing fields,
building new nature trails from scratch
& really cleaning up
for the campers.

Very proud of this guy.

Then one last lunch with my
favorite Kerri. I love her
face in this photo.

So that's it. Two-ish crazy weeks in the
Carolinas before flying back to Bako
& settling in a bit.

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Bethany said...

Love all of the updates! Sounds like the trip back east went well as did Zach's ordination. We miss you guys!