Tuesday, January 20, 2009

You may say I'm a dreamer...

This morning Z and I woke to find
a fine blanket of snow
covering the world, or at least
our little corner of it.

Normally this would just have been nice, but
Today was Inauguration Day.

It might sound silly, but I decided that
it was a good sign,
A New Beginning,
A Fresh Start
if you will.

Now, if you think that I'm
completely romanticizing the idea of President Obama,
let me just say:

We are all
entitled to our political opinions.
And it's a good thing.
Our differences help us to stretch, grow, and
Challenge ourselves.

But let's bring open minds to the table.

I am realistic. Obama is a man,
one man,
and he can only do his best,
and he will make mistakes,
as so many humans do.


I have hope.

I choose to buy into the message

And I am overwhelmed by the cultural and historical importance
this day brings for the United States.

On a much lighter (and fluffier) note,
Z and I celebrated the day with
Presidential cupcakes
from a local bakery,
Magpies Cakes

The Hawaiian, Mr. Chicago, and the White House.

Yes We Can
(have our cupcakes and eat them,too.)


Mike and Beth said...

YOU are amazing. We share that hope! (AND you are a good photographer.....storyteller.......)

From Michigan with Love said...

Detroit has had a foot on the ground for over a month now and more today! It gets old! It is pretty though!