Friday, January 16, 2009

A Holiday Review

So I told you about Mr. Wilson's holiday, but
we got back into work and classes and
we haven't had much time to
Please forgive us for the delay,
and enjoy these photos!

The children's living Nativity on Christmas Eve was an
adorably chaotic scene.

Z as a preacher man on Christmas Eve.

One take of our annual Christmas pic.

Santa came to Knoxville!

The day after Christmas we traveled to NC
to celebrate with family. Here I am with newest nephew Mason.

This is me playing with lighting and the new camera.

Z doing a little pickin' at Mamaw's.

Z and Mamaw!

1 comment:

From Michigan with Love said...

Wow I thought Santa brought you a baby!!! Scared me there for a minute! Z (as you call him now) would never be alowed out to play again!!!