Friday, January 16, 2009

I didn't forget....

...I just thought that the Gator Bowl should
get its own post.

$2 bills stamped with orange Tiger paws.

What what...ready to go see our
Tigers play.

Driving to Jacksonville from NC wasn't so bad...
until we had to park on the Interstate for an hour.

But at least Z got in a little shut-eye.

Finally made it to FL, caught the Gator Bowl parade, then headed to
Jacksonville Landing to ring in the New Year.

Happy New Year! Candice and Stuart tailgating before
the big game.

We met some Huskers who let Z pose with
a kind of creepy inflatable Lil' Red.

Larry the Cable Guy (in red, reaching up in the middle of the pic)

Z and I in our original upper deck seats.

This kid was really cute, all dressed up and with a Dabo sign.

Unfortunately whatever Dabo was telling them
in this timeout didn't work....

But we did get to finish the game in lower-deck end zone seats...
and even though it was a very disappointing ending,
we had so much fun with our friends, and
we're glad we got to go to our first
Bowl Game.

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From Michigan with Love said...

Yeah it was a rough game...pissed me off actually! But you both looked good as always and I'm glad you got the Bowl experience!!! Good times!