Monday, January 05, 2009

Mr. Wilson's Winter Break

Another post dedicated to our dear
Mr. Wilson.

As you will see in later posts, Z and I had a fabulous break,
but thought we should share Mr. W's experiences,

"Hey you guys, I found my present under the tree...can I open (and eat) it?"

Mr. W was thrilled to find the wise men at church making their
seasonal Epiphany trek
to the sanctuary.

Mr. Wilson hung out a lot with his older woman, Kathy...

And his younger ladyfriend, Shelby (aka. Big Rhonda).

Finally back home in TN, Mr. Wilson finds that sometimes
a vacation
leaves you more tired than you were before the trip!


Mike and Beth said...

Love you, Mr. Wilson! Hope someone at your house is giving you a little snack of cheese.....!

From Michigan with Love said...

ah my favorite Parris!!!