Friday, January 30, 2009

Just can't get enough...

Evidently we just can't get enough of going to college basketball games,
at least with teams that wear some shade of
We drove up to Virginia Tech yesterday to see Clemson play.

This picture of Allan Bristow caught my eye right away...
isn't it dreamy (ie. creepy)?
And just look at that hair!
(Click on his name to see him now)

Z focusing on the game...probably upset because we were
during the first half.

But we pulled out a win in the 2nd!

The really sweet folks who sat next to us took this picture.
We were in the last row, but it was nice and cozy instead of feeling crowded
because we could stand up whenever we wanted, etc.
Both Z and I really like the feel of the gym with the wood seats and rafters.
We had a lot of fun having an undergrad-esque road trip adventure together, but
man are we tired today!


Mike and Beth said...

Seems like every time that we watch a ball game on TV , you two are there! Glad that you had so much fun! Go Tigers!

From Michigan with Love said...

college basketball update...Surprising 17-5 Penn State men's basketball shocks #9 Michigan State 72-68 just hours ago in East Lansing...sadly because of my job I was not there...but I'll be in Ann Arbor on Thursday for PSU/MICH men's basketball...I've never been able to root for a Penn State basketball team that actually wins...this is excitng!!!