Sunday, October 23, 2011

When did we get old?

Ok, so I know that we are not really old, 
but on Thursday night Z & I went
to see the Blue Scholars
a hip hop group out of Seattle, 
and I realized just how different
my late 20s are from the early 20s.

We've been fans for a few years, 
so when we saw they were coming to Boulder, 
we really wanted to go see them.

Then we realized that the show didn't start until 9pm.
And it made us hesitate to buy tickets.
And that made us feel really old.
Ultimately we decided it would be worth it to stay up late
for the show, so Z got the tickets.

As we where getting ready that night, 
I discovered (via Twitter) that there were two
opening bands instead of just the one we expected, 
so the Blue Scholars wouldn't even start playing until 11:15.
We are usually in bed by 10:30pm, 

Once we got there, though, 
the show was awesome, 
and I remembered how much I love dancing, 
especially to live music.

It's three days later, 
and I'm still feeling that lack of sleep, 
but it was worth it. :)

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