Thursday, October 20, 2011

A perfect morning.

A few nights ago, Z & I went up to 
He stayed on a lower-elevation trail to run, 
and I ventured up the trail towards the

It was a blustery day, 
but the late afternoon sun
made the fall colors just pop.

Unfortunately, I was thisclose to the end 
of the trail when I realized that I only 
had 15 minutes until I was supposed to 
meet Z back at the car.

As I hurried down the mountain,
I passed tons of spots I wanted to photograph, 
but I didn't want Z to worry, 
so I vowed to return as soon as I could.

Yesterday morning I set out again
with my camera, 
only this time without a deadline.

The trail wends its way back behind the 1st Flatiron
to reveal the snow-covered back range. 

I started getting hungry, so on the way back down the trail
I spotted a perfect little place for a snack.
There was a small outcropping shaped just like
a small bench, so I scrambled over some
rocks and enjoyed my apple
while overlooking Boulder.


I had a really hard time choosing which photos
to put on the blog, because there were so many good ones.
Be sure to go see them here!


Matt Keadle said...

These are really amazing - thanks for posting them!

Diana Mieczan said...

Oh-so beautiful, darling. I always adore your photos. Hope you are having a fantastic week. Muah

Janelle said...

You didn't happen to enjoy some fruit chews along with your apple, did you? I hear fruit chews make a great snack when hiking! :)

Hannah Q. Parris said...

Ha, Janelle! Love it! How's All-Knee??