Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I'm a winner.

While living in Chicago, I really got 
into contesting & sweeping.
I would look for online contests, 
mostly through local radio stations, 
and enter to win prizes that I actually wanted.

Right away I started winning movie & concert tickets, 
and I loved it!
So I entered some more contests, 
and won some more, 
including tickets to the Sweet Sixteen
& Chicago Bulls tickets.

It was fun, free 
(don't enter a contest if it makes you pay), 
it makes you feel good to win something, 
and it makes you feel good when you get 
a prize in the mail!

I don't do much contesting anymore, 
mostly because it takes up time
that I'd rather spend
doing other things,
but I still enter a contest now & then 
(although I prefer to find them
hosted on blogs rather than radio stations
these days).

Anyway, right before we moved to CO, 
I won a contest sponsored by Mary Kay
& Blogher, and today my surprise prize package arrived!

Since I had no idea what they would be sending
I was pretty excited to open the box, 
and I was not disappointed.

The pack included lipstick, mascara, face wash, 
eye makeup remover, lip exfoliant & lip balm, 
but I think I'm most excited for the multiple moisturizers
because living in Colorado = dry skin.

Yay for the little things that help brighten a day.

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