Saturday, October 01, 2011

A Rocky Mountain Drive

Fall is my very favorite season.

Growing up in North Carolina meant
being treated to a gorgeous showing of 
Fall colors each year, especially
during drives in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
There, the leaves burst into a multitude of 
warm hues that highlighted the peaks & valleys
of those rolling hills.

Here in Colorado, we'd started hearing
tales of spectacular Autumn foliage
making it's debut in the mountains,
and it immediately pushed to the top 
of my to-do list.

So on Z's day off, we took a leisurely morning
drive along the Peak to Peak Highway, 
and we were not disappointed.

Rather than the multicolored Fall palette
found in NC, however, we discovered
the surprising, yet breathtaking gold
of the Aspen trees. These gems seem to 
crop up unexpectedly among the evergreens,
 making them all the more amazing to behold.

Don't forget you can find the rest of the photos here!