Monday, October 10, 2011


On Saturday we went down to Denver.
Z wanted to run in a 5k put on by a 
local Lutheran camp, raising money
to fight hunger.

The week before, Z had run in a cross-country
race in Boulder, and it was hot.
This week, though, things were a little different.
As in, really cold and really wet.

Not far from us it was snowing,
but at the race, it was just pouring down rain.
Z was wearing his shortest shorts.
I was wearing 4 layers of shirts plus a jacket
and was still freezing.

So I told Z to just finish as fast as possible
and I would be waiting with a towel
and warm(er) clothes at the finish.
Evidently that was motivation enough, 
because he. was. fast.
And he won.

Here he is looking miserable waiting to start.

And here he is looking only slightly
less miserable, but with considerably
more clothes on, displaying his medal.

After the race we tried to go watch 
the Clemson game with the 
Clemson Club that meets in Denver, 
but we got the time wrong
(hey, adjusting for time zones can be tricky)
so we ending up hanging out with some
Wake Forest folks for part of their game
before heading home to thaw out.

Even though it was really cold, 
I have to say that the snow-covered
back range is amazing.
I'll try to post a photo soon!

Until then, don't forget to see all my Colorado Fall Color
photos on Flickr.

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Mike and Beth said...

Love this! Congratulations, Zach! Beautiful Colorado pictures, my Hannah. :)