Tuesday, March 08, 2011

NC trip

Z & I just returned from a week in North Carolina.
(We are now profoundly exhausted & need to take a vacation.)

After a full Sunday morning/afternoon,
we drove down to LAX arriving with lots
of extra time for our red-eye flight
scheduled to leave around 11pm-ish,
only to find out that we were bumped to a flight
leaving at 2am instead.

So we settled in at Malibu Al's &
did some writing/editing/etc.

& took pics of random stuff...

When we finally arrived in NC, 
we were greeted by this:

Mama & Daddy just bought a really interesting old house.
They've already uncovered gorgeous hardwood floors, 
but there is still plenty of work to do on the
old wallpaper & cleaning up all the mature landscaping.

Another fun discovery was finding that their attic
is full of vintage treasures from the previous owners.
There were some fabulous items, including
luggage filled with the contents below from
vacations past.

I love the shoe horns & unopened pack of cards for just $0.29!

There were also books, frames, jackets, 
bowling trophies, vintage toys, 
the most amazing women's hats, and clothing.

Below, Z models a suit he just pulled
on over his clothes, shoes & all.
It was evidently tailored for a short man
with a very round middle.

Much more NC visit to come...
including photos of my brand new niece!

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Happy,happy heart.