Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A few things...

Please forgive me for not posting as much lately!

First, I hit my limit for uploading photos
on Blogger,
a pretty big problem for a photo-based blog.
So I will now be hosting my photos on a Flickr
account. For you, this means that not only will
you get to see pics on here, but you
can also visit my Flickr page to
see other photos, too!

Second, the reason I haven't posted as much
is because Z & I have been extremely busy
since we returned from NC.
As we head toward Easter, 
there are more & more church events, meetings, etc.

We also just had our dear friends visit us in Cali 
for a week, so I was spending time catching up
with them and having lots of adventures
instead of surfing the interwebs.

Which is good news for you guys, since you know
I took TONS of photos to share!

I am working on some awesome posts and
will get them up as soon as I can sort through
all the photos!

1 comment:

Mike and Beth said...

Looking forward to it! Love.