Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Cowboy morning

One morning while Matt & Chris were here, 
we decided to take a road trip adventure.
Z & Matt donned their hats
& we set off to the West to see what we could see!

Fortune quickly showed her face.

Pretty soon the straight roads of the valley floor
gave way to the rolling hills. These winding mountain
lanes offered us vistas that we couldn't refuse.

Z perfected his cowboy pose.

Matt & Chris wondered what we would find beyond these hills.

A horse stared at us.

Romance movie cover shot.

Everything was so green & flowers blanketed huge swaths of the hills.

Our curvy, rolling trail.

Finally Matt couldn't contain himself any longer.
Yeehaw! Westward Ho!

1 comment:

Matt Keadle said...

That's right... I couldn't "contain myself." A nice way of putting it.