Sunday, March 13, 2011

A brief Clemson respite.

In the midst of our crazy/busy week in NC, 
Z & I decided to take a mini vacation
from our vacation
& visit Clemson for a day.

Fun Fact:
Z proposed to me in the bank parking
lot that's just up those stairs behind us.
It was very romantic.
Ahh. Spring.
We mostly just met up with our
dear PC to have some lunch & catch up
while walking around campus.

Z reminisces about his engineering nerd days.
The stadium was open, 
so we were pilgrims to Howard's Rock.

Quick stop at the ice cream/coffee shop
to do some sermonating.
Then we felt very old as we attended
Lutheran Campus Ministry
where we used to spend every Wednesday 
evening during college.
We spent the night & awoke early to
eat at the fantastic bakery in Pendleton.
We picked up a delicious baguette, snapped
a few photos after breakfast & 
drove north, our mini vacation come to a close.


Mike and Beth said...

Love this! And you, too.

Diana Mieczan said...

What a fantastic photos:) Have a great day, sweetie