Wednesday, November 24, 2010


The sky grew grey &
the winds picked up
as the afternoon matured.

Like usual, I was at my laptop
attempting to complete my last
few assignments.

Z rushed in, earlier than I expected.
Are you really busy?
Well, I....
Get your camera & get in the car.

So we were off.

Z had been driving and seen the mountains
to the south were the recipients of
the most amazing light.
Sometimes you can't even tell that
mountains exist around this valley,
but yesterday they turned golden
& let everyone know about the snow
that lay at their peaks.

We headed south for awhile & then to the west,
not knowing exactly where we were going,
just racing against the fading light.
I told him to pull over.
As I knelt down to get a shot,
Z told me that the passing traffic
was slowing down,
turning to find what it was
I might be photographing.
Light...just light.

According to Z, the view of the mountains
he had hoped to share with me
was already gone by the time
we arrived, but I was still
floored by the beauty of where
light & dark meet.

As we drove home,
we were enveloped by the darkness &
the approaching rainstorm.
But turning back,
there was still a glimmer of setting sun.

This post is part of Outdoor Wednesday.


Mike and Beth said...

This brings tears to my eyes. Nothing, absolutely nothing like western mountains and sky. Love to you. Thanks to you, both of you.

Andrew and Kerri Luksa said...

these pictures are stunning!!! and the story just as so! :)

Donnie said...

Wow what a beautiful job capturing all that raw nature. Have a Happy thanksgiving.

Matt Keadle said...

So fantastic - I love it!! (Beautifully told, too... way to save the pictures for the end...)

More please. :)

Dave said...

Fantastic! Now you may see why we love it here. And it's now even better since you have joined us.

Diana Mieczan said...

That last photo is incredible:) Have a great weekend