Tuesday, November 09, 2010


The weather has turned a bit colder here,
so I tried a new recipe from
the November issue of Cooking Light,
a creamy, spicy black bean soup.

I made a few changes, like canned beans
since I didn't have any dried,
an extra dash of cumin, some fresh-ground peppercorn,
and I swirled in a little parmesan before eating it.
I didn't use the eggs or cilantro garnish
(although I do like cilantro).
I also sopped it up with sourdough wheat bread
from Trader Joe's.

The taste is spot on, but next time I will
make it just a bit thicker.
Even so, this is a great soup for a chilly day!

Also, on my latest visit to Trader Joe's,
I was super excited to find that
Dark Chocolate-Covered
Peppermint Joe Joe's are back in stock
for the holidays....
Oh. My. Goodness. how I love those things.


Mike and Beth said...

OH happy,happy, joy, joy!!!!!! I will be right there....

Golda said...

Yum1 I love black bean soup - this sounds good! Most recipes I've seen have meat in them - I'll have to try this one (minus the cilantro because Jeremy won't touch the stuff).

Andrew and Kerri Luksa said...

i'm craving some soup now.. it looks delicious!