Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Giant Sequoias: Part 1

Right after I returned from NC,
Z was off to a conference.
So when he got back, we decided
to spend Friday (his day off)
exploring a little bit.

We headed east up through the canyon
mimicking all of the river's turns,
drove past Lake Isabella
into Kernville, where we found
a tiny Mexican restaurant.

Sufficiently nourished and armed with
a pamphlet of the area's hiking trails,
we decided on the Trail of 100 Giants
and set off in that direction.

We made a quick pit stop
at a general store for batteries.
The ranch wasn't far from the trail,
but the temperature
dropped nearly 20 degrees in
that final 15-20 minute ascent.

There was snow and ice on the ground,
the absolutely most fresh scent in the air,
and then, the giant sequoias...

I took so many photos that there will be two posts.
The pictures cannot do justice to these trees,
but I hope you enjoy them.


Andrew and Kerri Luksa said...

whoah trees!

From Chicago with Love said...

Where are the other 98 giants!? I only see the two of you! :-)

Mike and Beth said...

You are amazing.