Thursday, November 04, 2010


I love babies, but
Z & Mr. Wilson are all
I can handle right now,
so here's a post of other people's babies,
from oldest to youngest.

First off, my awesome nephew, Mason.
I will still call him a baby here, but
he will soon be 2 years old...
How is that possible?!

Next, Kerri & I have been friends since
4th grade (which doesn't seem that
long ago in my brain),
but lo and behold, she had a baby!
He is a real sweetheart, feels sooo good to hold,
and is mesmerized by ceiling fans.

What'd you say, Mama??
And finally, my beautiful
sister-in-law is due on Valentine's Day
with the first baby girl grandchild!

I love all of these babies (and their parents)...
they are my favorite kids on the east coast!


Parker said...

I love this post! Everything about it. I feel like there are so many babies in my life that I am so blessed to love but G & L are enough for us right now. Also- I'm terribly excited for A & J and baby girl. Pretty cool.

Christina said...

Hey Hannah! Thinking of you - hope you had a great trip out east. I'd love to hear all about it soon.