Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sports Weekend continued

Not only did we attend the Buffs' basketball game on Friday, 
but we also made it to the football game the following day.

It was a gorgeous, sunny day...
except for the wind.
We're talking gusts around 70 mph.
Thankfully the stadium protected us from
being hit by tree branches
but there was still plenty of dirty & leaves
blowing around, 
and the strong wind cut right through our layers.

The good news: a Buff win...

It's always fun to see the students so excited, 
especially after such a disappointing season for them...
we just had to stay to see them rush the field
to celebrate the win with the team.

But then we made our way back home as quickly as possible
to thaw out in blankets with piping hot tomato soup & sandwiches.


Diana Mieczan said...

Sounds like a fun game and those photos are awesome:) Have a wonderful day, sunshine. Stay cozy and warm. xo

Gale said...

Hi! This is actually a comment about your previous post...but I don't want to mess up your giveaway count (it's an absolutely beautiful neck wrap...even in colors I love, but my mom knits, and I have so many scarfs already I could make a rope out of them and escape a tall building).

Just wanted to thank you for submitting it to suchfuntogive.blogspot.com and let you know it's up on the site!