Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Happy November!

Last week's snow only lasted a few days before melting.
It was up to 70 degrees again by Halloween!

And that was great for us, 
since we decided at the last minute to dress up 
& do Fleet Feet's Halloween Fun Run.
That's right, 2.5 miles in costume...
it was so silly & fun!

Inspired by FF's fun run, 
I checked out the Lululemon running group
last night, and did another 4 miles.
It's amazing to me how much easier it is
to keep running when I'm with other people.

But as we've learned, 
the weather changes quickly in Colorado, 
and this is what we woke up to again.

So, happy November to you all;
I hope your month is off to a great start!

1 comment:

Kate said...

Beautiful picture! I love the snow...only wish we had some to enjoy. Not sure about shoveling, though!