Tuesday, February 08, 2011

When the going gets rough, write a blog post.

Well, y'all...
life is certainly not boring.

It's been one of those 
weeks where lots of small,
stressful situations
have all hit us at the same time.

But this blog is no place
to dwell on negativity, 
so I'll share some of the good
things that happened this week.

First, Z & I are trying to find
new/more things to do around here.
We know one of the baseball players
on a local college team, 
so we took in a game the other night.

 Then, I got a call from our favorite store, 
Trader Joe's.
When you take your own shopping bag
*at least at our local TJ's*
you get a raffle ticket.
Every so often they draw a name 
to spin the prize wheel & get a free item.
So in the midst of my crazy week
I got to spin the wheel & won some
free TJ's frosted flakes!

I also hosted
9 people from church for
a dinner/committee meeting.
The food was good
& my house is clean.

And thankfully the weather
has been lovely during the day
so I'm enjoying taking my
Mr. Wilson for walks 
around the neighborhood.

When I'm stressed, I like to try to 
do something productive, so I've 
been crocheting lots of new hats
& trying out new patterns & stitches.
I'll be posting some photos of them soon!

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Diana Mieczan said...

Sounds like you've been busy lately...Love those photos:) Kisses, my dear